Social Media and Your Existence

After having a falling out with one of my former followers, I was inspired to challenge myself to just log out of all my social media for a while.

Reason: Some things I post about are personal and usually are about someone and the way they make me feel among other things. Social Media is an outlet. And I’d put it all out there except that I have a personal journal for that. I don’t name drop or give too much and although someone is always watching, I feel as though no one really knows me or who I really talk about from time to time. So why would I feel as though I have to watch what I say? Knowing me comes with actual human, social interaction and communication.

So what did I do?: I initially wanted to go thirty days without any Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat and just get out there and be more social. I wanted to use this time to get back to what makes my spirit glow. I love to dance and so I took it to the studio. I’m really shy but I had the courage to ask my manager to let me leave early so that I can make this class on time. I traveled all the way to Philly to take BSwan’s modern/jazz class at the Performance Garage. Now once I entered in the building I just knew I finally found the spot where all the real working dancing are. Of course I felt a little intimidated, my training has been spotty over the years and haven’t had a real class in a while. I was always a natural dancer with the passion but little technique. After the class ended I got my money’s worth and felt so relaxed. That was the medicine I needed to get rid of some anxiety due to always being plugged in among other things. 

Now here’s where social media came back into play: After talking to a couple dancers and networking, I realized that you can’t stay in the loop unless you are plugged in. Social media is great for business and building your platform. In today’s society that’s how we’re connected. However it has become saturated with a lot of noise. Noise means that it’s a bunch of drama, too turnt upness, and stuff that reminds you of where you don’t want to be in your life right now. Every time, I see a post of someone or celebrities seeming to be living a great life I wish I can live like that now too. But after years of just watching and wishing I needed to make that transition from watching my phone and tv screen to actually make it onto your tv screen too. I want to be seen on stage or in music videos for big artists and I’m not gonna get there unless there’s some action to it!

So now what: I am feeling like a couple times a week I will engage in social activities that will build my career as well as tend to my spirit, and I’m glad I met people who share the same goals. I didn’t have too many friends who share the same interests and I will be sticking around, the vibes are real. I felt like for once I wasn’t existing and that I actually lived and came to life. Everyday is a chance to experience and live life to its fullest. You never know who you’re going to meet or how quick your life can change. Sometimes it feels like you are just existing and it’s up to you to change that.


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