My Life, My Goals, My Plans and My Money

IMG_20170430_173438_874[1]I want to drive a LEXUS, an AUDI, an ACURA, a BENZ or a BMW just to name a few…as long as it’s one like the car from Migo’s Bad and Bougie video that the girls popped out of. I can see me rolling like that with me and all my good looking friends. I DON’T CARE IF IT’S USED OR NEW AS LONG AS IT’S MINE AND IT’S WHAT I LIKE. I’M NO LONGER IN A PLACE WHERE I FEEL AS THOUGH MONEY IS AN ISSUE, IT’S WHAT YOU DO WITH IT. I WAS MAKING GOOD MONEY EVERY WEEK AND BLEW IT ALL AWAY! I COULD’VE BEEN HAD MY DREAM CAR OR AT LEAST SECURED A TRIP TO MIAMI. I’ve been listening to Jen Sincero’s audiobook “YOU ARE A BAD ASS, HOW TO STOP DOUBTING YOURSELF AND START LIVNG AN AWESOME LIFE.” I used to always listen to people who made the safe choice in life, going for the reliable car vs the one you really want, you know the more expensive one. But I always say none of those people aren’t me and he’s why: I don’t think like them I will find a way to fund the life I want to live and I’m not settling for less than that. I am a positive person and I will speak these things into existence. I want it, I shall have it and it is mine!

You have no idea how powerful you truly are. You can align yourself with all the right people who have the same energy and it all seems possible even if it doesn’t happen for you yet but trust the process. Everything will happen when it’s supposed to. Time is just an illusion, it’s not even a factor. When you put all energy into something you really want you don’t even think about how much time it takes. Time flies by so don’t get left behind. I don’t want to wake up and my twenties are over and now I’m thirty and didn’t live how I wanted to. I don’t have to succumb to everyone else’s way of living or thinking. I’m out to get everything I set my heart out to get. Even right down to the men. I want someone who can take care of me, and provide me with a better lifestyle than I already had. I’m not mediocre so not everyone can talk to me or have my time. If you not on my level or on the level I myself aspire to be on then we ain’t got nothing to talk about boo. And it’s ok you’ll find someone but I’m not that girl. I like men and women who make boss moves. Those are the kind of people I wanna associate myself with because we vibrate on the same frequency. My man has to compliment me bringing more than just dick and problems to table. I have dealt with some mediocre situationships as well and I let those ships sail too. Bye Boy. They were leading me to an alternate destination, not where I want to be. It’s just been dead weight and wasted time. Time to upgrade my way of living and the company I keep. Oh and I know how money plays the part in a relationship, you won’t see me being the type of girl standing by her no good man just because he makes the money, nah homie, I secure my own bag too. Guys hate when a girl don’t need them, well some guys anyway, those are the weak ones I don’t associate with at all. But more on that later.

Like I said before, money was never a problem, it’s what you do with it. I now have another job and I’m already thinking of my exit strategy so I had to come up with a plan. Because who wants to work their life away 40 hours a week making the next person rich? Not me.

Like many young adults I have debt that I have to take care of and this is my year to do that. I am on my way to financial freedom because there’s so much I wanna experience and I don’t ever want a bad financial situation to hold me back any longer. I can’t get to the fun part until I conquer the bad.

It took lots of financial mistakes to get to this mindset to fix it. Anything can be fixed! I used my Mint app to monitor my income and expenses and it turns out I was making more than enough to take care of my debt but my spending was so bad…

Anyway, here’s what I decided to do:

Step 1: Tally up how much debt there is and set up automatic payments to get it out the way, take yourself out that process and just let them do it.

Step 2: Look at ways you could cut back on expenses like eating out and buy groceries to cook. Every time when I paid for something quick to eat I also see that it would’ve been cheaper if I just bought the ingredients and did it myself

Step 3: Write down everything you want in this world and start taking that money and stashing it just for those purposes. Nothing is impossible and you don’t have to punish yourself just because there’s loads of debt. All this can be taken care of simultaneously.

Step 4: Become an entrepreneur, I got a great idea to come up with so that I can make my exit strategy from this job or at least make it part time and get that Lexus that I want lol. Like I said before I will make it happen and I will find away.

Step 5: Cut all the Excess going out and partying, like a meme once said, you ain’t missing out on nothing when you getting your shit together. There’s nothing wrong with staying low and out the way while you working on ya glow up, do what you gotta do now and you’ll run into everyone again, that’s inevitable so you’ll be ready.

Step 6: Chase a check never chase a dick lol. I had to catch myself cuz I almost fell into my feelings. Lust is real, snap out of it and stay focused on the mission. Because I’m single and been dealing with guys who ain’t been good for me, I now know what I want and won’t settle for, my man will come when he’s supposed to. So in the meantime focus on yourself, and get your wealth and mental health in check. Sometimes guys ain’t nothing but dick with problems. That is beneath you and you deserve more than that so stay focused on the mission

These are just some of my thoughts and feelings about life, money and energy. You can have and do anything you want in this world. It’s all possible. Stay away from negative people who will drain you and distract you. Go and start living the life you want.


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